Concrete Boom Pumps

Precision’s fleet includes over 40 concrete boom pumps, making ours the largest fleet in the Northeast. Precision offers a full range of boom lengths from a 20-meter boom up to a 63-meter boom, along with many sizes in between. The majority of Precision’s boom pump fleet is model year 2018 or newer, and we only purchase from industry-leading manufacturers Putzmeister and Schwing mounted on Mack chassis, which makes our equipment extremely reliable. Our most requested boom size is a 38-meter boom pump which has a minimum net horizontal reach of 100-ft, can fit on nearly any job site, and is reasonably priced.

Precision Concrete Albany, NY Boom Pump Equipment
Truck-Mounted Boom Pumps
20M Putzmeister BSF 20Z-4.12H 6 View Specs
24M Putzmeister BSF 24Z-4.16H 2 View Specs
28M Putzmeister BSF 28Z-4.16H 1 View Specs
28M Schwing KVM 28X-3 1 View Specs
28M Schwing S 28-4X-125 1 View Specs
38M – 4 Section Putzmeister BSF 38Z-4.16H 15 View Specs
38M – 5 Section Putzmeister BSF 38Z-5.16H 2 View Specs
38M – 5 Section Schwing S 38-5SX-125 1 View Specs
38M – 5 Section Putzmeister / Sany SY 38Z-5.200 3 View Specs
47M Putzmeister BSF 47Z-5.16H 8 View Specs
56M Putzmeister BSF 56Z-5.18HLS 4 View Specs
63M Putzmeister BSF 63Z-5.16H 4 View Specs

What is a Concrete Boom Pump?

A Concrete Boom Pump is a truck-mounted concrete pump unit that includes a remote-controlled articulating arm (called a boom) which unfolds and reaches out to where concrete needs to be placed on a construction site. Being mounted on a truck allows the machine to travel to and from job sites and allows for the machine to be maneuvered on the job site easily and safely. The boom allows for placement of concrete in locations that are not easily accessible by concrete mixer trucks, as well as increasing the accuracy and speed of concrete placement.

Why Use a Concrete Boom Pump?

A concrete pump places concrete faster and more accurately with less labor than any other method. A job that would take five men two and a half hours to pour would only take three men one hour to pump. Contractors who pump concrete consistently report labor savings of 50 percent compared to truck dumping.

Concrete pumping can eliminate the need to build access ramps and move them and often facilitate completing an entire job at one location while ready-mix trucks being kept at the curb safely. Pumps also help to lower excavation time from 10 percent to 15 percent and makes back-filling an easier process.

Not only does concrete pumping make a concrete pour more consistent and convenient it also helps to improve on-the-job safety. With the ready-mix trucks stay at the curb, and away from excavations, embankments, and other dangerous obstructions so that concrete may be placed precisely where you need it.